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Hi there 👋🏻


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Hello, and thanks for having me. 
I am a csa survivor (although I’m not sure how I relate to or if I can identify with that term yet…)

I’m having quite a difficult period after the criminal trial against my abuser was adjourned from the end of Sept to May next year. It is now pushing its 4th year since it was reported to police and over a decade since it actually occurred/began. 

Feeling really lost, really overwhelmed, quite lonely in it all (even though I have a great support network) and feel like I’m loosing any sense of self which I had regained. 

Just started therapy again and think I’m doing it wrong!? 🧐🤔🫠 Is that even possible? 

Anyway, hi. I’m sorry that shared experiences have brought us all here, but hope to find and maybe even offer support as time goes on. 




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Hi C and welcome.

I am very sorry for the trauma you've endured, the struggles you have faced and the ordeal of trying to get swift justice thru the criminal system. What happened to you was wrong and completely undeserved. You have found a supportive community tho with many people who will understand and can relate to all you've been thru. Note: you can use the terminology or lack thereof as what is comfortable for you. Even identifying words or labels can be a process and will come to you only when you are ready. 

Therapy isn't always a perfect process either...it can take time and sometimes even the right T to help you. If you feel they are a compatible T, the only suggestion I can give is to be patient with yourself, as it can take time. 

Feel free to look about our community and interact where you feel comfortable. I wish you well on your continuing journey of the thing we call healing.



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Welcome to AS, I'm so sorry for what you have been through, and the added trauma of a trial.  

You aren't alone. This is a wonderful supportive place to be, with people who understand what you have gone through. I hope you find it helpful to be here. 


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