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Survivor Connections - Update!

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Hi, everyone!

We have had our staff meeting and as there is interest in launching Survivor Connections gatherings in the near future (August/September, most likely).

More information about these gatherings can be found in our Survivor Connections intro board here:

Before we begin to plan out our gatherings, we would very much like to hear from the community. We are now opening the floor to feedback from you all as to what kind of topics/themed gatherings you would like to see us host over a Zoom session.  We are looking for topics that our group of survivors might enjoy/benefit from sharing together.  A small handful of examples would be: Art Show-and-Tell, Breathing Exercises, Self-Care, Poetry Sharing, and of course, all this is aside from the multiple other topics associated with sexual abuse/assault.  We have the platform and the willing staff volunteers, so it is my hope that this new feature will seek to enhance our community's appeal and help us to grow and evolve.

Our staff members will review all member requests and will volunteer to help host these gatherings based on which ones might be a good fit for them. :) We have a highly capable staff with a range of talents, so please do toss some ideas our way so that we can more effectively begin to plan.  I would like to plan these gatherings two weeks in advance, so that our community members have the time to plan.  

As a reminder - these gatherings are exclusive to active AS members, ONLY.  In order to preserve security and exclusivity, some conditions (post count, account age, previous warnings/account restrictions, etc) may apply.  Please contact me, @MeBeMary, @Iheartcupcakes, or @Finchy if you have any questions about these conditions.  

Let's hear some thoughts and topics and some ideas. :)

Hugs to all who want them! 

- Cap

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Thanks Cap and all AS staff for all your hard work and dedication. 

I have topic ideas like coping skills, hobbies, dealing with difficult feelings

Love and hugs Patti and peaches 

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