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@rainbowunicorn  I am sorry that you have experienced trauma but I am glad that you found your way to our community.

Fragmented memories are very common around traumatic events and many of us have difficulty at times believing those memories.  You are not alone in feeling that way.

One thing I have done when I start to doubt my experiences, is looking back at all the trauma debris in my life the dysfunctional coping mechanisms, difficulties with relationships, etc.  these things didn’t come from nowhere. 

:aswelcomesu: :notalone:

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Dear rainbowunicorn


Welcome to After Silence. I am sorry to hear of the trauma you have been through!


Being here has helped me so much. Everyone is so caring and supportive here. I am proud of you for reaching out. I know that is hard to do. I also know that you will find that needed compassion and support here within our community. Know we are here for you and we will listen whenever you would like to lean on us.    


Take care and please do not hesitate to ask for any help if you ever need it.  

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Welcome to AS, @rainbowunicorn - I echo Six in that fragmented memories are very common and you are not alone with that.  I myself have many of them that I cannot make heads or tails of.

I hope that being here makes you feel validated and brings you peace, comfort and healing.  Feel free to browse through the boards and jump in wherever you are comfortable.

Best wishes,

- Cap

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@rainbowunicorn welcome. i'm recently new here and feel that it has been helping me. approximately 3 years ago i realized/uncovered that i was sexually abused as a child. i'm almost 38 now. i have no clear memories of the events yet, but gradually i have found in my mind what i think are faint forms of some pieces of those memories; because they are unclear though, i am not certain that they are indeed memories or accurate. it can be very very frustrating.

i will try to support you as best i can.


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Hi rainbowunicorn...I love your username! :) 

Welcome to the community. I am very sorry for what you've experienced and the struggles you still have. As the others have stated, fragmented or missing memories is not uncommon. Trauma is very difficult to process and often times the mind can do strange things in order to protect and survive what we've gone thru. I too, have missing/unclear/partial memories. So many of us unfortunately do, so do know at least you are not alone with this.

I am glad your therapist recommended that you join a group like ours. You will find support, understanding and kindness from the wonderful people here. You will also find validation, despite the fragmented memory. As @Six_times_seven stated, these pieces and the struggles...they do not come from nowhere. 

Feel free to look around the community and interact where you feel comfortable. We are here for you.

Wishing you many steps forward on this path we call healing. 



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Hi Rainbowunicorn,

Welcome to After Silence, I am so sorry for what you have experienced. You are not alone.  

This is a really good safe space to find suport and understanding. I hope you find it helpful. 💛

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Hello and welcome to AS. ❤️ I'm glad that your therapist pointed you in our direction...that is how I found AS also. You'll meet lots of very friendly and supportive people here. You're not alone. Wishing you all the best on your healing journey.


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Welcome to AS.   I love your username to.

Take care Patti 

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I love your name. It’s sounds hopeful and positive. Always nice to have more positive vibes around here. Due to the nature of the forum positivity is always needed and welcomed. I’m sure you’ll make some good friends here :) 

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Hi, I am new here too and can really relate to your struggle with fragmented memories and self-doubt as I struggle with the same. I am trying to focus on how I feel rather than needing to know what happened but it's hard. I hope you are finding therapy and this forum helpful. 

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