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Hi everyone

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Welcome, @dancergirl217!!  Although I am sorry you are here by circumstance, I am hopeful that you will find tons of support here.

You should hear from a member of the Newbie Support Team soon.  :) In the meantime please feel free to look around and browse our many forums at your most comfortable pace.  There is a lot of helpful information here.

Wishing you all the best in your healing process!

- Cappy

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Welcome to AS, @dancergirl217! I'm glad you found your way here. ❤️ I'm so sorry for what you've experienced, but please know you aren't alone. You'll meet a lot of very friendly and supportive people in this community. Take your time exploring the site and posting where you're comfortable. No rush.

Best wishes on your healing journey! :) 


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@dancergirl217 im so sorry for whatever happened that brought you here but i wanna welcome you regardless, if you ever need anything im free to talk whenever and im sure anyone here will say the same! Sending you love and wishing you the best♥️

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Welcome :aswelcomesu: :notalone: :youcanheal:

I hope you find the support your looking for. There is a lot to read if your not ready to start posting.

wishing you the best of luck on your healing journey. :) 


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Hi dancergirl and welcome.

I am very sorry you have reasons to be here, but so glad you've reached out. This is a very supportive community with many understanding and kind people. You are not alone. 

Feel free to go at your own pace. Interact where and when you are comfortable and post when you are ready. Healing isn't an easy journey, but easier with others who truly understand. I wish you many forward steps on this path we call healing.



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Hi @dancergirl217. I'm sorry for what happened to bring you here, but you're definitely not alone in what you've been struggling with. I hope that you can find the support you're looking for here.

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Dear dancergirl


Welcome to After Silence!!


I'm sorry for what you have been through. I find it is easier to talk on forums then out loud. Being here has helped me so much, even from the first time I ever posted. It is still helping me - I have so much support here and I know you will, as well. Here at AS, we are like a big family and our members are kind and non-judgemental.


I am sending you lots of safe hugs! :hug:


Take care!

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On 4/25/2023 at 3:42 PM, dancergirl217 said:

Hi everyone. I'm new to After Silence. I came here because I wanted to know I'm not alone in struggling. I'm glad I am able to join this community and find help.

Hello and welcome here! 

I am Wanna, and I am glad too you decided to join :flowers:

After Silence offers a chance to connect with fellow survivors, exchange advice, sharing (what you'd like to) and more. Everyone carries a unique story, but we tend to relate to one another here. I hope this site will contribute to your healing and make you feel extra supported. :notalone: I am sincerely sorry about your trauma, please know we believe you. 

You can throw me or any staff member a PM with questions, thoughts, or for some company. We've got you! 

Take gentle care 

- W ☀️

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