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Hello, new, and it took me a long time to get here

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I kept everything bottled up for decades, not just from others, but from myself as well. I finally hit a point that I couldn't keep it in any more, I needed to acknowledge it. I feel like because it was so long ago, people don't understand that because I am first facing this now, I am raw, and sensitive and want to shut down sometimes, that I need grace and kindness. I started therapy this week. I confided in just a handful of people to mixed results. 

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@ittookawhile  I am sorry that you also suffered trauma long ago.  There are many of us here with similar experiences. I am, however, glad that you have found AS and that you are beginning therapy.  Both are excellent places to find the grace and kindness that you need for healing. 


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Hello and a warm welcome to you, ittookawhile,

I am sorry you experienced trauma, but I am glad you decided to reach out. I was exactly like you in 2014/2015. After years of denial and struggles, I had to acknowledge the truth and face what had happened. It also led me here. Be assured that that you are not alone. Everyone reacts differently to the trauma, as where some need to face it immediately, others like us...it takes time. The important thing is that you are no longer in denial, as denial can often delay a healing process. 

Healing isn't easy or fast, but it is possible. I am glad you are taking steps forward on this jouney. You will find support, understanding, and validation here. 

Feel free to look around. I wish you the best with your forward steps in healing. 



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Hello and welcome to AS, @ittookawhile. ❤️ I'm glad you found your way here. You're in the right place to help yourself start healing. And I'm so proud of you for starting therapy, too. That will be very helpful. You'll meet lots of friendly and supportive people in this community. You're not alone...best wishes to you.


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Hello @ittookawhile, welcome to After Silence. I'm so sorry for what has happened to you. It's a huge step to accept what has happened in the past, and even bigger step to access the help you need to work through it. I'm glad you have a T to talk too now. 

I hope you find AS helpful. There are so many wonderful, kind and supportive people here. You aren't alone. 

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Hi @ittookawhile, welcome to AS. I'm glad that you are reaching out to others for support as you are accepting what happened. It isn't easy, but i'm proud of you. I hope you can find the peer support here helpful for your recovery.

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Hello @ittookawhile   I am glad you are here.  It took me a very long time to find my truth.  In fact, I am still retrieving memories.  For me when I look at a memory sometimes decades old I still feel the feelings that I would have had it happened yesterday.   Those feelings and emotions are just delayed.  It now makes sense to me how normal that is.   It is the abuse that was the abnormal behavior.   We denied to survive.   It is very brave of you to look at these experiences.   I wish you the best in your healing.  Please be loving and gentle with yourself.  You deserve it. 

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Hi so glad you got here.  I just wanted to tell you healing is possible and you have already done the most important things.  This is a safe and wonderful community. You are not alone. Gentle thoughts your way.

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