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Hi there, I am totally new to this kind of thing, I don’t even know if I’m writing this message in the correct place, I feel totally out of my depth, I have never been on any forums or been part of any online groups before.
I recently opened up, for the first time to a friend and she had suggested I join a support group, cause then there will be others who knows how I feel and she said hopefully it might help, so here I am, I have been so nervous and scared about introducing myself on here and it is all very overwhelming. 
Thank you for letting me join this group and sorry if I have posted this introduction in the wrong place. 🥴

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Hi Peace Lilly (I love your username :) ),

First of all, yes. You've posted in the correct place. This is a welcome area and you used it correctly. I commend you for your courage for reaching out.

Next, welcome to the community! I am so sorry you have experienced something that lead you here. It sounds like you have a good friend that wanted you to find a safe and healing place to come...so I thank her for that. This community is filled with many understanding and kind members. You are not alone.

It's ok to take your time and look around. Not everyone comes here knowing how a forum like this works. I know that I didn't. I spent time reading, then adding little replies. Then finally added my own first original post in a forum when I felt comfortable. It's ok to take your time and find your footing. Just know that are here when you feel sharing a bit more. 

I wish you the best as you begin this journey we call healing.



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Hi, welcome to After Silence @Peace Lilly I'm sorry you have a need to be here, i hope you find AS to be helpful. There are a lot of wonderful, kind and supportive people here who understand what you're feeling. You aren't alone. 

It takes a lot of strength to reach out and introduce yourself, thank you for sharing, you did great! 



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Thank you for saying that Dawn, I suddenly lost my fiancé a couple of years ago and he was my everything, with him by my side I was not afraid anymore,  now since his passing I have felt very lonely and broken and I am petrified of everything. Out of everyone I know, none of them seem to understand so it’s nice to now be in contract with people who do get it if you know what I mean. Thank you for your kind words.

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Hi, @Peace Lilly and welcome to AS!  

You're right on point with your introduction. :) I'm so glad you are here for support - this is a very kind and loving community and our members certainly are wonderful.  I hope being here brings you peace and comfort and of course, healing. :) 

I am sorry for your loss of your fiance.  Please accept my sincerest condolences.  I am sure nobody here can fill that void, but we definitely hope to make you feel less alone.

Sending you all my best,

- Cap

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@Peace LillyI am so sorry for your loss. It is very understandable that you feel this way. Losing someone you love is traumatic by itself, and adding on more trauma can make you feel very alone and you're right, broken. Unless a person has lost someone they loved they don't quite understand how it feels to be that alone. 

I lost my husband suddenly,  several years ago, and I understand how you feel. His passing was traumatic, i was also dealing with a past r**e and had a very young child, i understand the loliness and broken feeling you're talking about. I can say it gets better Peace Lilly, and you'll be able to feel that lonliness lift and you wont feel like someone is holding you down or sitting on your chest making it hard to breath. It takes a lot of time and patients with yourself, but it will get better. 

Sitting with you if it's okay. 

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Welcome Peace Lilly, I comend you for reaching out. That was a brave endeavor. We're glad to have you and I look forward to healing with you. We stand firm in support of you. Peace Flower's and Sunshine ✌️🌺 😎

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