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Hi, I'm new

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Hello, I am so thankful for this community here- thank you. I already feel so welcomed. 

I prayed a prayer to God today. My therapist gave it to me, I want to share it with you all here. 

Dear God, thank you for the traumas that have taught me how to treat, love, and touch others. Thank you that they have taught me how not to treat and touch others, too. Please heal me of the pain of the traumas, heal my mind, my body, my heart, and my brain; and show me the way to be here on this earth. Show me how to be myself and give myself to the world as you have so beautifully created me for. The light you have given to me, and the love- show me how to use it, and where to use it. I pray this. 

Sincerely your friend,

-Happy Girl 

P.S. A little about me:

I am 28 female, I love poetry, black and white movies, baby animals, being brave, baking, Christmas music, the rain, snuggles, spa days, writing children's stories, and traveling. 

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Hi Happy Girl.

Welcome to AfterSilence. I am sorry for what you've been thru, but glad you have found us. This is a supportive, understanding and basically wonderful community of good people looking to heal, just like you. You are not alone. 

It is nice you look for the positives in yourself, as often times it can be difficult for a survivor to do so. There is a worthiness in each of us that should never be tarnished because of another.  

Feel free to look around the site and interact when you feel comfortable in doing so. I wish you well on this journey we call healing.



BTW...I feel there aren't many of us that like the old black and white movies, so it's nice to know there is someone else that does. :)  

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Hello and welcome to AS, @Happy Girl. ❤️ I'm glad you found your way here. You will meet a lot of friendly and supportive people in this community. It's great your therapist encouraged you to try out AS. It was the same for me. My T also suggested a virtual community like AS. :) 

Wishing you all the best on this healing journey.


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Welcome @Happy Girl

Welcome to AS. I'm sorry for the trauma you've experienced, but I'm glad you found the site and decided to join. This is a kind and caring community and we are all here to help each other heal. You are welcome to post on the site whenever you feel comfortable. Just reading posts is fine too. 

By the way, I really like your profile picture. 

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