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Hello world


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3 minutes ago, zipzap said:

New member here. Just wanted to introduce myself. I'm a survivor. 26m. Not really sure what to say lol I hope to meet some nice people and start the healing process 

Hello zipzap and welcome to After Silence :flowers: I am Wanna. 

Take your time to get to know this site. After Silence is a safe place for survivors to connect, share and exchange support. You decide what you'd like to post, no pressure whatsoever. Aside from trauma related topics, you can also talk about life in general, how you are and what is on your mind. I am happy you came here, as I believe every survivor should be offered a community to unload. 

Please know, we fully believe you. You have nothing to be ashamed about, and you are never alone :supportu: Check your PM inbox for some information! You can contact me or any staff member of choice with questions or for some chatting/venting. 

Take gentle care, 

W ☀️

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Dear zipzap


Welcome to After Silence!!


I'm sorry for what you have been through. I find it is easier to talk on forums then out loud. Being here has helped me so much, even from the first time I ever posted. It is still helping me - I have so much support here and I know you will, as well. Here at AS, we are like a big family and our members are kind and non-judgemental.


I am sending you lots of safe hugs! :hug:


Take care!

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Hello zipzap,

Welcome to AfterSilence. I am so sorry for the trauma you've endured and the struggles you face. Being hurt was unfair and undeserved. Nobody has that right. You have found a very supportive community with many understanding and kind members. You are not alone.

Take your time and look around the site. You can take it at a pace that is comfortable for you. Just know that we are here for you. 

Wishing you the best on this journey we call healing.




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