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Hi everyone, glad I took the huge step to start posting here...

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Hello all,

I joined this forum some time ago, but it was only now that I found the courage to write something. I've read many stories on this forum, and in many of them I found myself reflected. I'm really glad to have found this community, and I truly believe that it could be an important part of my healing process as knowing that I'm not the only one going through it is already a big realization. I hope I can help others too :)

I have had a very traumatic sexual abuse experience recently, that woke up some memories from the past and made me realize that it was probably not the first time... My overall self-estime and mood is really down at the moment. I'm hoping to get to know others in similar situations and hoping this is the start of my healing process.

I hope you are all fine, and starting the week in the best manner possible !

Thanks for accepting me in this great community.



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Hi @Yiester welcome to After Silence, My name is "Six" 

I am very sorry for what has brought you here but I am very glad you found us.

Self-esteem and mood challenges are common amongst survivors and I know you will find many supportive people with similar experiences here. 

Congratulations on taking this step in your healing journey. Take some time and look around read and post as you feel comfortable. 

Check your inbox shortly for a more extended welcome.



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Hi Yiester and welcome.

I am very sorry for what you have gone thru and the struggles that you now face. It was very unfair and undeserved to be hurt and I hope you know you are not to blame. The person (and I use the term loosely) is completely and totally at fault. You have found a supportive community with many understanding and kind members. You are not alone.

It is a big step to reach out and it's brave to post. Many of us feel self-conscious when we do this for the first time and it is and ok to take your time. Acknowledging what you've gone thru is very difficult. I am glad you felt today was the right time to just say hello. More will come as you become more comfortable. For now, continue to look around and jump in where and when you feel like it. 

I wish you nothing but the best as you begin this journey we call healing. 



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I find courage and hope in reading the survivor stories. I have shared about my military sexual trauma that occurred years ago when I was assaulted in a fellow soldier/trainee's barracks room. I had guilt about being in that room when it was against the rules. That guilt caused me to doubt myself and my truth that I had been raped. It doesn't matter if it was a brief rape or that I was drinking with that person. None of that should have led to being assaulted. I wish you light and healing. 

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Dear yeister

Welcome to After Silence.  I am sorry to hear of the trauma you have been through!


Being here has helped me so much.   Everyone is so caring and supportive here.  I am proud of you for reaching out.  I know that is hard to do.  I also know that you will find that needed compassion and support here within our community.  Know we are here for you and we will listen whenever you would like to lean on us.    


Take care and please do not hesitate to ask for any help if you ever need it.  

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