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REMINDER - Status Updates are PUBLIC!

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Hello, everyone!

Just a quick reminder that our status updates are PUBLIC and can be viewed by visitors to the site and also by unregistered guests, as well as by members who have not yet completed the approval process.  In the interests of keeping AS safe and members' privacy intact, I have thrown together a few things to keep in mind when posting a status update.

Please remember:

Statuses should always be 'light,' (as in non-triggering), encouraging, and brief (one or two lines).  

Statuses should never contain any personal information, such as names, locations, email addresses, phone numbers, etc.  This is a big no-no.

Status updates stating that one is struggling, asking for support, pocket riders are fine.   :)  Sometimes we don't have the time to post but want people to send support anyway!  

Statuses should not be used as a 'chat substitute,' (attempts to see who's online) or to send another user a public message.  As this will allow everyone on site to see the message, please consider using our Private Messaging (PM) feature to communicate with other members.

There should be absolutely no swearing, vulgarity, obscene emojis or mention of suicide/suicidal ideations or wanting to die.  These are better suited for a post in one of our private forums, as long as they adhere to our site rules.  If you are currently in a crisis situation, AS strongly urges you to seek help from your local crisis center or health care professional.  

Status updates with content found to be inappropriate for public visibility will be either removed or edited. 

Thank you all! :) 

- AS Administration

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