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Organization for Male Survivors


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@markeslilja  I hope they are able to help you. If you think it is a good resource, please let the moderators know because they can pin this thread or list the organization somewhere else where AS members can find it when they are looking for resources in the future.

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can confirm, the organization is supportive of trans men and the meeting went well! everyone i’ve talked to from the organization so far has been very kind. i kinda feel hopeful, thank you for this resource @Whisper and thank you for tagging me @mini.finch! i’m definitely gonna contact the mods about pinning this, there are other users who could benefit from this too :)

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@markeslilja  I'm so happy I stumbled on this organization, that you contacted them immediately, and they are making you feel hopeful. I hope the success of this organization will finally lead to more organizations being created to help male survivors as there is definitely a need for them.

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I'm happy to pin it!

I will need the assistance of a male member to pin it in the place most commonly frequented by male members. :)  I will send @markeslilja a PM on that.  

Additionally, we can move/pin this board into our Public: Resources forum so that any male survivors who may be looking for resources can easily locate it there. :)  I'll take care of that, now.

Thank you for this! 

- Cap

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