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CPTSD Foundation

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I just came across this foundation, which offers online services to people who have CPTSD. They offer daily calls, a weekly book club, a weekly creative group, a free Facebook based support group, etc.  Their services are designed to be affordable and they have scholarship fund so they can provide services for free to people who can't afford to pay. They also provide resources such as conducting research to help people find therapists in their area who provide trauma-informed therapy.  They have a blog and a newsletter and some content is available via their social media accounts.

Note: I just saw a reference to this foundation and  then visited their website and Twitter account. I have not used any of their services or been in contact with them and don't know anyone else who has, so I can't recommend it or answer any questions about it. I'm just posting about it in case any AS members with CPTSD think it might be helpful to them and want to check it out. It seems like a very good resource.





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