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Chat room.

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I might be speaking out of place or being a little inappropriate but I really wish it were possible to bring back the old chat room. The one we had recently didn't really seem to make sense or really work which was a shame. I for one made so many good friends and met lots of new people and found such support in the old chat room when I first came here back in 2013. 

It's such a shame the way things worked out for the old style chat room which I know is no ones fault. 

Really wish it were possible through support, feedback and donations that maybe some day we could have a working chat room again!

Many thanks for listening,


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@Stephenjamesthank you for sharing your feedback on chat. It is unfortunate that the old-style chat doesn't exist any longer. I sometimes wish we had a time machine that could bring it back. I do hope that you are still able to get support through posting on the boards. Know that we are all here for you and support you in your healing efforts.

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Many thanks for the heads up regarding the chat room, shame that it no longer exists. I am curious, what kind of chat room software is available? 

Sorry if I was jumping the gun and speaking out of turn but the old chat room really was a great source of support. 

Many thanks for your kind words of support. 

Wishing you well,


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Hi Steve,

Unfortunately, our software is not compatible with the old-style chat room.  I remember it from back in the day, and it was very simple and easy to use.  The chat client we used a couple years back worked but was not without glitches and problems - some members couldn't get in, our mods didn't have the needed controls, and we were paying WAY too much money for a service that never worked properly - so we had to cut them loose.  Any alternative chat client would be extremely expensive to add on, and as is, our maintenance and server fees are becoming difficult to keep up with, for donations have been scarce.

If we could become more consistent with collecting member donations, I would be happy to explore a different chat program that might be more compatible with our software and see if I could make it happen - but it will likely not be anytime soon. :( 

I'm sorry, Steve, I miss it, too! :( 

Hoping you are hanging in there and are well.

- Cap

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