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Hello there. New Here.


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Hi everyone. I have a long history of having been sexually assaulted many times starting as a young toddler. I was on a website like this one a few years ago and was attacked by a troll so a cancelled my membership. I hope to be able to talk to other abuse survivors and be heard. I have a strong desire for validation. Even therapists, sometimes, will redirect instead of actually listening. I am not sure why they do that. Anyways, I hope to give and get support and encouragement for healing. 

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Welcome to AS, @Survive1! I'm glad you found your way here, though I'm so terribly sorry for what you've been through. And for you to have been SA'ed even when you were a toddler...that is so sad and sickening. You didn't deserve any of what happened to you throughout the years. None of it was your fault. :( I'm sorry that you were attacked by a troll on a similar website before. That is awful! We do a good job of keeping people safe here on AS, so I hope that you will feel comfortable here. There's a lot of friendly and supportive people in this community that will listen to you, no doubt about that! You're not alone. ❤️ Take your time exploring the site, and I wish you the best on your healing journey.


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Hi Survive and welcome. 

I'm sorry that you've been hurt thru your life and struggle with it's aftermath. It is unfair and undeserved. You have found a supportive place with many understanding members. You are not alone.

As @mini.finch mentioned, we are relatively safe with a dedicated staff monitoring the forums, members having the ability to block anyone they feel uncomfortable with and a way to report issues anonymously thru our helpdesk. I do know not all sites have the layers of security that we do, so I hope that makes you a little more confident with your safety with us. 

Feel free to look about and jump in when you are ready. It's a big step to give it another try and we are all here for you. I wish you nothing but the best, as you continue on this journey of healing. 



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Welcome @Survive1 to After Silence.  I’m sorry for what brought you here but I’m happy you are here reaching out for support.  Good job taking this step in your healing process.  You are not alone and what happened to you wasn’t your fault.  Sorry to hear about the troll.  I'm on a lot of internet forums in general and will tell you there seems to be significantly less trolling here than other sites.  In the rare event of a troll you can block and report and staff will intervene.  Take your time exploring here and post when you are ready.  If you have any questions feel free to message me. 

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Dear survive1


I am sorry for all that you have been through.   You have been so brave in reaching out to us, please know that this is never easy!   We are all here for you and we want to support you.  You're not alone in your healing journey and are always welcome to lean on us for extra support.  You can post as much or as little as you like.  We are here to support you in the way you need.  I have found this community to be very helpful.  Everyone is so understanding and non-judgmental and I am hoping you feel the same way once you've gotten to know us a little.   


All my best,




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