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Hi! Quick question in regards to my cover photo on my profile page. I notice that I save it in one position and then it moves to another position. So, is there any way to keep it in the one position that I want it or should I just change my picture all together to maybe something a little smaller so it shows better? Thanks! 🤗 *safe*

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I want to say that if it's refusing to save your preferred position, the photo might need cropping/resizing. I haven't changed my cover photo in quite a while but I'll see if it gives me the option to drag/move the image around so that the part you want visible STAYS visible.  One sec!

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I tried to reposition it just now and it still did not work. So, I guess I am just going to have to find a new picture which is fine. Thank you for replying, Capulet! You are amazing, as always! 🤗

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Awww, shucks! 😉 

I'm so sorry.  I wish I knew what the problem was.  The only other thing I can think of to suggest is trying to adjust the photo using a different browser. Some browsers do work better than others - which in itself is odd...

Hoping you get this figured out, soon! ❤️ 

- Cap

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