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i dont really have much to say but sometimes i want to give them a hug or something just to let them know that i read what they said and that i care. but because i dont say much, i just dont say anything. it would be nice if there was a way to kind of say "im here" without actually saying anything. (at least there isnt one that ive noticed) 

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12 minutes ago, BrightSide said:

:notalone: (:notalone)

:notalone: i do like this one, thank you :)

5 minutes ago, abhaya said:

Sometimes I've seen people simply say: "I don't have words right now, but I'm sitting with you, if wanted."  That has been really meaningful to me when people say that.

ive thought about that but (talking about hugs and what you said), sometimes people dont feel comfortable with hugs right now and i cant understand that so i dont want to bother them with it, and ive thought about saying "sitting with you" but i havent been quite sure what that means. to me it feels like it means im here for you if you need to talk, because irl that would typically be how it works and i dont want someone to think that when ive barely been able to handle myself lately. 
it left me, with not much to say because of these reasons.

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