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I'm so happy to have found this group I could cry - in a good way. I hope I can help support all of you, as I follow my own path. I know how tough it can be.

Quick intro: I'm a divorced mother of three amazing grown kids and one really weird cat, and I live in the Chicago metro area. I write professionally, but my boring day job pays the bills.

My story is unreal, in good ways and bad. It'll unfold as we get to know each other.

I'm here because I feel like I've exhausted all my friends with my brokenness. They're supportive, but if you haven't been there you really don't get it. I do have doctors, but I can't see them as much as I'd love to.

I'm also here because I bring many years' experience dealing with pain. We're on this earth to help each other, and the love we give comes back around to us.

Thank you for being here. :-)



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Hi @violetsmum - welcome to After Silence.  Thank you for taking the time to introduce yourself.  I have five weird cats and two weird teenagers - and I'm told I'm a little weird sometimes, but not to worry - it's a good kind of weird. :)  I, too, spend a fair amount of time writing!

I'm sorry you have experienced trauma, but am truly glad you're here.  This is a terrific site filled with amazingly supportive folks.  It won't take long for you to realize that you're not alone, there is strength in numbers, and that healing is truly possible.

Again, welcome. :)  Looking forward to getting to know you!

Best wishes,


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Welcome to After Silence.  I’m sorry for what brought you here but I’m happy you are here reaching out for support.  Good job taking this step in your healing process.  You are not alone and what happened to you wasn’t your fault.  Take your time exploring and post when you are ready.

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Dear @violetsmum

Welcome to After Silence!!

I'm sorry for what you have been through.  I find it is easier to talk on forums then out loud.  Being here has helped me so much, even from the first time I ever posted.  It is still helping me - I have so much support here and I know you will, as well.  Here at AS, we are like a big family and our members are kind and non-judgemental.

I am sending you lots of safe hugs! 

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Hi violetsmum,

Welcome to AS. I am very sorry for the trauma you have experienced, but very glad you have found us. Our community is very supportive and kind. You can be assured that we understand and walk this path with you. You are not alone. It's a big step to reach out. I wish you more forward steps in this crazy journey we call healing.



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Hi, @violetsmum - 

Welcome to After Silence! I'm sorry this is a website you need to be a part of, but I am glad you found us. This community is wonderfully supportive of each other and there are so many posts that have helped me along the way. 

I have no cats and no children, so I'm sorry I can't relate to that bit, but I have also recently found a love for writing! 

I'm sorry you feel as though you've exhausted your friends. I understand that feeling all too well. Just know you can get as much support as you need here. Healing is totally possible. Look around the forums for a while, but post whenever you feel ready or when you feel comfortable. I'm here if you ever need anything at all! 

Wishing you well,

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Hi @violetsmum

Welcome to AS.  I'm sorry for the trauma you have experienced in your life, but I'm so glad you found this site and decided to join.  This is a safe space and no one will judge you here.  We are all here to support and listen to each other.  It really is a great community of wonderful people.  You are welcome to share and post on the forums whenever you feel comfortable.  There is no rush or pressure to post, and you don't have to share anything you don't want to.  I look forward to seeing you around the site, and I hope  you end up finding it to be as helpful as I do.  

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