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Welcome to AS

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Hello everyone at AS.

I wanted to take a minute to share a few things about my experience here so far. All positive by the way.

When I was new here I was lost and incredibly scared. I did not feel that what I had been through was enough to warrant me coming to a website like this and becoming a member, I only did so because a therapist recommended I try this. Everyone here welcomed me and has held my hand (metaphorically speaking) and helped me to open up and talk about what the issues were.  I see it today still; the members of the NST or newbie support team are really outstanding in what they do and how they care for everyone on this site, other members of our community contribute as well and really make new members feel welcome.  

If you are new or have yet to sign up and are still on the fence about this forum, it will change your life if you put forth a little effort.  If you sign in once or twice a week and read and reply to a couple of post plus write your own, you will make friends and grow a sense of community.  Community was something I was lacking back then, a void that AS taught me could be filled.  AS members gave me validation that I could not give myself or get elsewhere. AS members shared with me in moments of tears and fear and celebrated in moments of joy and growth. AS members go the extra mile and will do the same for you. It doesn’t matter what trauma brought you here what your sexuality and or preferences are, this community will welcome you and support you.  

The staff here at AS is amazing.  The admin is fare, kind and caring about everyone and does not make rash  decisions, and I know that can not be easy at times. Our site Mods are people I would consider friends and care deeply for all of us here and do what they do to keep this a safe place while still being supportive.  Each different forum has a moderator as well and they make sure that content is in the appropriate place and that appropriate trigger warnings are on post, they also help to keep us safe.  The staff as far as I know is all volunteer, and I know for a fact they are all real live humans who have all been through trauma, they do this to help each one of us new and long time members.  

AS is an amazing place to learn develop and grow.  You are welcome here, you are safe here, you are cared about here.  So welcome come on in and join a discussion.



Your trauma is valid you did your best to survive and I am glad to meet you regardless of what that trauma was you did not deserve it. 

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@BraveOneyou are so right about AS. It's amazing :throb: and everyone has been so helpful and understanding. Something that I didn't have in my everyday life. AS gave me the courage to tell my roommate what happened to me.

To know that everyone here is going through something similar makes it easier to talk about because I know there's no judgement. 

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