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Maybe we should all take a minute and read this

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I'm new to this site and haven't posted much but one thing I can tell you all is we are all damaged in one way or another . But another thing I have learned is when we let our abusers keep us from doing something with our friends or when they take a smile from us they are getting miles on us , and as long as we let them they will continue to take those miles away from us . There are people out there in this world that can't live with out hurting others in one way or another , there the ones taking our miles . My damage was done so long ago but recently started getting triggered . I almost missed some wonderful memories with my gran-kids because i was in the store and heard a man laugh .  I didn't know that man but yet the man that had done what he did to me all those years ago was still getting miles on me . we have to just say stop . I know its not easy I have lived the nightmare for over 40 years , the triggers just bring more ugliness out . But I'm not letting him take any more from me . I know how it feels to be triggered but think about it , just stop and breath and let the moment pass . I'm sure there are a lot of you missing out on life . Take your life bake . See a therapist or counselor . don't live your life in fear and wake up 40 years later and realize the boogy men are all dead and you have been hiding from nothing . I know its real , trust me . from the age of about 4 until 11 or 12 I know how real it is . If this is offensive to anyone in anyway I'm sorry . I think we should all life each other up and hold each other up . We all get tired from standing so lean on each other , lean on me if you need to . I almost gave up and gave in . I have to much to live for and to much to offer my grand kids for that . I cant let my abusers take another mile , I'm taking them all back with a smile on my face and a happy song in my heart . Safe hugs to you how feel its okay . 

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These are some nice thoughts of expression, soulless, thank you. It isn't always easy, but you have in many ways described what AfterSilence is all about. It is encouragement and support. It's striving to move forward and not doing it alone. Thank you for sharing.


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Hello soulless, how are you? I hope you are okay.

I'm sorry you experienced abuse when you were younger. It was not your fault.

I'm sorry you are still triggered. It happens to all of us. It sounds like you have found the way to deal with them: taking a deep breath; talking to yourself and saying it will pass. You also have so much to live for. 

We all walk our own journey. We all need to go at our own pace. We need to support each other.

Thank you for sharing with us.

Take care. 

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I hope it can help you get through Darkroom , I'm sorry you're going through a trying time . If you need to lean on someone I'm here always . Safe hugs if okay :hug:And remember one day at a time , that day leads to two days and then a week . 

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Thank you for sharing this! I’m so glad that you took those miles back and get to have those beautiful memories with your grandchildren. Feel free to lean however much you want and thank you for your post. Sending support and hugs, if okay. You are strong! Keep fighting the good fight and getting your miles back!


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Dear soulless, 

I’m so sorry about all you’ve experienced. That must be really hard but I’m proud of you for powering through it. You seem like such a positive person. You’ve really inspired me today.

I needed to hear this. I just recently got out of abuse and the after-emotions have been killing me. I need to enjoy my life because I know it’s worth living and I have a purpose.

People like us can transform our anger and sadness into passion for change. We can change it into something good. We are not broken, they did not break us, we are whole. We just had something happen to us that changed us into stronger people I think! 

Again, thank you for this post. Makes me so joyful! 

-Hoss 💗🌸

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