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Dear Wanda5: 

 I would like to welcome you to After Silence's forums.  We are all here for you and want to support you in any way we can. I know that posting for the first time can be scary.  Please don't worry, though; you will always be given so much support from our lovely community and its members.  You're not alone - we are with you.

You will soon receive an official welcome message in your inbox.  Please feel free to respond to that PM if you have any questions about the forum or if you need some help finding your way around the site. :hug:

Take care and keep reaching out!! 

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I'm sorry for the reasons you are here.  I'm glad you feel safe enough to open up a bit.  I hope you find the support from AS to be very helpful. 

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Hello @Wanda5 - welcome to After Silence!  It certainly is a loving tribe to be a part of. :)  I love that word - it does take a village, and 'tribe' is fitting.  Although I'm sorry to hear of the circumstances under which you've arrived here, I'm hopeful that you will discover that there is genuine strength in numbers.  You're not alone here.

Sending you my best wishes as you proceed in your healing journey,

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Hey @Wanda5

Welcome to AS.  I'm glad that you found the site.  This site is a safe space and everyone is here to help and support each other.  You'll never be alone here.  I hope you find this site as helpful as I do. 

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11 hours ago, Wanda5 said:

I'm new here. I was grateful to have found this site at the time in my life I needed it most. It's like I found my tribe. I feel safe here and free. 

Hi Wanda,

Welcome to AS. I am sorry for the reason you found yourself here, but you will find tons of support. This community is truly like a tribe. I am glad that you have found us. Take your time to look around. I wish you well on this journey of healing.



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