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Hi all, i am new here...i have been here but have not really posted. I am reaching out right now and any tired of hiding waiting for things to change. I guess I need help but really don’t know what that means. I know that I need more than what I have been doing.  I don’t know what to share or how to share but wanted to introduce myself, I am Rian (pronounced Ryan but spelled differently). 


Thanks for listening. 

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Hi Rian,

Welcome to AS. I am very sorry for the trauma you've experienced, no trauma is ever ok. I do see you've been a member for some time, but it's ok if it is only now that you feel you would like to interact. Dealing with the struggles can be difficult and you will be surprised how many members can relate and will be willing to support you. There is no right or wrong way to start, just post or respond when and where you are comfortable. I wish you nothing but the very best on this journey of healing.



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Hi @Rian,

I know it can take a long time to start to talk about things, I was the same, and it's ok.  It is totally up to you what to share and when, we are here to listen when you are ready.  Sometimes it can be hard to put words to our experience. I wonder if there is one aspect of your current struggle that you could write about?  I wish you all the best, and welcome.


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Welcome, @Rian - someone very close to me shares your name, although spelled Ryan. :)  It'a a fine name if I say so, myself.  

Wishing you peace, comfort and healing - I'm glad you are here among us - this truly is a great community.

Best wishes to you,

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Welcome @Rian, it's nice to have you here.  I'm sorry for your struggles and for what brings you here.  It is a very supportive place, and I hope people here can help you, by listening and providing a safe space for anything you want to share, or just by being here.

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Hello @Rian,

I am sorry that you have experienced trauma. Welcome to AS. I am also very new here. It is very brave of you to start posting, I know how hard it is to start talking about your trauma. If You need someone to chat with feel free to message me.

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