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Hey there! You can call me Stuck because I don't give my name out on forums. I'm 22 years old and a survivor of sex trafficking.It happened when I was 17 or 18.  I dealt with it by subconsciously blocking it out of my memory until my plate got too full and am now finally dealing with it. In my free time I like to read, write, play video games, color, watch cartoons, sing, dance etc.... To help me cope and kind of overcome my trauma i love to read books and write. I love to create characters for my novels. One of my favorite books to read that i find really helpful for me is The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma by Bessel van der Kolk. 

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Hi Stuck,

Welcome to AS. I am very sorry for what happened to you as a teen, but you have found a very supportive site. You will find our members understanding and kind. Your safety and privacy does come first, so your pseudonym is quite appropriate. I am glad you found our site and decided to reach out. Take your time and share when you are comfortable. I wish you the very best on this journey of healing.



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Welcome! I'm new as well, as you know from posting in my thread. I'm sorry to hear what has happened. You're very strong. I also like to write as it's a very good outlet. It's great that you have some coping mechanisms. What cartoons do you like?

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Welcome to AS @Stuckinthepast, I'm glad you are reaching out for support. This is a caring and understanding community. I hope you find what you're looking for to help you on your healing journey.


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Welcome!! I love to write as well. Hopefully we will get to read some of your pieces that make you feel proud!

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