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This is my first post and like everyone I'm here for support and understanding. The trial for my case is coming up and I'm so conflicted. The nightmares, anxiety and fear is constant. I see his face everywhere.

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Hi Harmony,

I am very sorry for the reason that brings you here...including the struggles you face and the trial that you are about to go thru. It takes great courage to be part of a trial that could bring some justice for the wrong done to you and courage to reach out to others. You will find tons of support here. You are not alone. Take your time looking around and interact more when you feel ready. I wish you nothing but the best on this healing journey.




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Dear @Harmony5kw,

I'm sorry for the suffering you've endured and for the trauma that comes with enduring a trial.  

Know that there are many kind and understanding people here who can relate to what you are going through.

Feel free to read and/or post whenever you feel like you need support.  We're here to help and support each other.

Gold Raindrops

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Thank you to all for your kind words and support. It's so hard to see the light sometimes.

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You are brave. You have made it farther than  most people would have. no matter the outcome, you can and will get through this. I support you and I believe you.

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