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Hello everyone! I am KeLLe and I am happy to have found this space.

I am a survivor and am hoping to work through some things here, as well as to support others.

Thank you for accepting me!

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Hi KeLLe,

Welcome to AS. I am very sorry for whatever has brought you here, but you will find much support here. Our members are understanding and kind. It takes courage to reach out, so I acknowledge this in you. Take your time and look around the site. You will see many others share your struggles. When you are comfortable, feel free to jump in. I wish you the very best on this journey of healing.



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Thank you all for making me feel welcome!

It's funny because for the longest time I thought I had healed, but I have begun planning my own wedding and it has brought up so many things for me!

I was strong enough yesterday to tell my step-mom what had happened to me as a child. She was so upset, I felt bad for upsetting her. 

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23 minutes ago, KeLLe said:

was strong enough yesterday to tell my step-mom what had happened to me as a child. She was so upset, I felt bad for upsetting her. 

That must have taken so much courage. You should be proud of yourself for being open with her and sharing your truth.  I know it’s probably hard, but try not too feel to bad for upsetting her, she’s probably upset because she loves so much! 

Also, congratulations on your wedding! :)

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Hello, @KeLLe, welcome to AS. 

That was a very strong thing you did. Sometimes people who love in a healthy way get upset when they find out about the things that happened. Try to remember you didn’t do this to her - the person who hurt you did. 

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Hi @KeLLe - welcome to After Silence!!!  I am slow to get in my official welcome, but you know what they say - better late than never. :)  I'm so sorry that trauma has led you here, but I am glad you've found a safe place.  The folks here are fantastic.  

I hope that being here brings you peace, comfort and healing - I know that wedding planning can be SO stressful (congratulations to you and your to-be!) and that stressors are famous for bringing up things we don't necessarily want to deal with.  But you're definitely not alone here. :)

Looking forward to getting to know you - again - welcome! :)

Best wishes,


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Hi, I am new today too! :) Also planning a wedding - we are getting married next year and my fiance was the first human I ever told about my abuse. Absolute hero

When are you getting married?xxx

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