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Thank you for adding me! I'm hoping to find some much needed, and LONG OVERDUE, support within this group. I have held my story in, and kept it to myself like a well-guarded secret, for 38 years now, with only my immediate family, family doctor and my therapist knowing what happened to me. Opening up about it is not only difficult, but it also terrifies me! I'm hoping by doing so, eventually, it will help me in this long journey we call "healing".

Out of the Ashes

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Welcome to AS @OutoftheAshes, it's very courageous of you join and reach out. You've found a supportive and understanding community. Take your time looking around and post when you feel comfortable and safe. It's been along time holding onto this secret and I hear how difficult and terrifying it is for you. Wishing you all the best on your healing journey.

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Hello, @Out of the Ashes, welcome to AS. It is very hard to open up after holding so tightly to your story for so long. I didn’t tell any of my story for 10/15 years and only then a statement to a friend. It has taken me an additional 15 years to be able to start to loosen my grip. The supportive group here at AS has been a huge encouragement to me in that. All that said, please take your time to feel comfortable here. Look around. Read other’s posts. Reply as feels safe to you. Telling your story is always for you and your choice. No one here will rush you ... & AS will be here for you when you’re ready to share. It is ok to take some time to get to know us and feel safe. 

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Hi welcome to AS. It's hard to open that door and know there is so much pain in there. The one thing I can tell you it does get better. Sometimes it doesn't seem like it. You will find support here and sad to say there are many who understand what you are going through.  You are not alone here.


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Welcome to this supportive place.  Sometimes it takes 38 years or more to be ready for this part of healing.  I hope you will find what you need.

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