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Attention: New Registrants!


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Hello, new After Silence members:

A completed registration to aftersilence.org REQUIRES a response to a validation e-mail.  Too often, registrations lay in wait for approval because this email has not been responded to.  In order to begin posting on our message boards, you will need a completed registration - until such, access is limited to public forums, and is read-only. 

When registering, you will need to supply an email address.  Please double-check that the email address provided is typed out correctly!

Please check your spam folders if you do not receive one right away - sometimes unrecognized emails from unfamiliar sites will show up there, first.

If you have been waiting a while and still have not received a validation email, please send an email to: aftersilence.moderators@gmail.com for further assistance in getting yourselves connected. :) 

- The After Silence Moderators


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