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29 year old survivor

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My therapist told me about this place several months ago, and I guess it took me that long on finding the courage on saying hello. Anyway, my name is Jaclyn, I am 29, and from somewhere USA. I am the wife of a wonderful man who is a firefighter/paramedic and we have two daughters ages 6 and 4. 

I am here for support, and I plan on talking about everything that is constantly flooding my head! 

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Hello again, Jackyn.

Altho we have already crossed paths, I still wanted to welcome you to AS. I am sorry for the reason that brought you here, but you will find tons of support here. Our members are truly kind and understanding. It does take courage to say hello, so I acknowledge your courage. Reaching out to others can be such a big step. I am glad we were recommended and I do think we have one of the best support sites around. Take your time and look around, and when you are ready for that next step, we will be here for you. Best wishes on your healing journey.



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Hi, @jaclyn_mouse89 -

Welcome to After Silence!!!  Glad your therapist let you know about this site. :)  You did good - signing up and saying hello was a HUGE step!  Be proud of yourself.  

I, too, have head floods quite often! :)  I am sorry you have reason to be here, but am glad you've found us - this is truly a fantastic community and the people here are amazing.  I do think you'll find there is never a shortage of support.

Again, welcome.  Looking forward to getting to know you.

Best wishes,


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Hello @jaclyn_mouse89,

Welcome to AS! I am glad you found us and I know it does take a lot of courage to say hello and start talking here, so well done for that! We are here to support you. I am glad your therapist recommended our site and community. As others have said, take your time and we are here when you are ready.  I wish you all the best in your healing and recovery,


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Welcome to AS @jaclyn_mouse89, it's very brave of you to find the courage to sign up and introduce yourself. Take your time looking around, post when you feel ready and safe, when you do I hope you feel supported and understood. 

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Dear Jaclyn_mouse

Welcome to After Silence.  I'm sorry you have a reason for being here, but I think you have indeed found a place where it is safe to talk about whatever you'd like.  We are here to support each other and help in healing.  

Wishing you the best,

Gold Raindrops

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