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Hello @Azika, from a fellow cat lover! :)  I have five of them that I adore!

What are some of your favorite smells?  Mine is the Winter Candy Apple from Bath and Body Works.  If I could have an endless supply of the wallflower refills in that scent, I'd be in heaven. :)  I also like the smell of brewing coffee, and burning firewood.  My neighbor has no idea how much I look forward to when he uses his wood-burning stove!  I also like Hawaiian/pinapple/coconut scents.  I've always got a candle burning, it seems.  Keeps me nice and calm!

Anyway, welcome to After Silence.  I'm glad you are here, although I'm so sorry you have reason to be.  I am hopeful that you'll find comfort in being here.

Best wishes,

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@Capulet Thank you for the welcome. Cats are amazing. My cat is a good boy. Cats make good friends. I like lavender, sweet things like cinnamon, and what ever the heck they put in ax body spray (my boyfriend wears that and hes my favorite person). I find comfort in a lot of scents.

I have never done a group before. Im not sure what to expect. I think im hopeing talking about it will help with anxiety. And im not ready to talk to people I know. So, strangers on the internet it is! 😅

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8 hours ago, Azika said:

Hi im new. I never post on forums so I hope I did this right. I am Azika. I like cats, chocolate, and find smells to be very comforting.

Hi Azika,

Welcome to AS. I am very sorry for the trauma you have experienced, but you will find tons of support here. Our members are truly understanding and kind. Your introduction is perfect. :)  We all have been were you are and do know it will get more comfortable, as you look around the site. There is no pressure or judgment, but there is validation and support.

I have only one cat, but she is a special comfort to me, too. Chocolate? :up:  That may actually be one of the smells I enjoy most. :P 

I do wish you the very best as you walk this path of healing.



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