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Hello, @Phebs. Welcome to AS. I am so sorry for the trauma you experienced. You have found a very supportive place with people who will & do understand - & will support you as you go. Please feel free to look around & read or post as you feel comfortable. 

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Hi, @Phebs!!!  Welcome to After Silence!  

Congratulations on very recently taking that excruciatingly hard first step in breaking your silence!!  That is one of the hardest steps to take in recovery - and I daresay you should be very proud of yourself for having done so. :)  

This is a fantastic community and I am hopeful that you will find all of the support you need here.  It will certainly help you to 'batten down the hatches' as this coming storm passes - being around others who can relate is always helpful and might lessen its effects.  Just remember - hang in there - it DOES eventually get better.

Anyway - welcome. :)

Best wishes,

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Hi @Phebs and welcome to AS! Hooray in taking your first (of many) steps on your healing journey by breaking the silence. We are happy to have you here.


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7 hours ago, Phebs said:

Hello, I’m new here. I just broke my silence (like, last night), and I’m looking for support through the coming storm. Can’t wait to get to know everyone 💕

Hi Phebs,

Welcome to AS. I am very sorry for what happened to you, but you will find tons of support here. You are very brave to break your silence and also very brave to reach out to others. You will find the members here very understanding and kind. I wish you the best on your journey of healing.



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Thank you all for the warm welcome. I was unsure if this was the site for me when I joined, but I have found nothing but amazing people on here. I can’t wait to get to know y’all 💕

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