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Hi I'm Sarah I'm 39.  Very ew to this after what happened to me last weekend.  Hoping this will give me support I need as my husband does not know.



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Hi @Saz78,

Welcome to AS. I am sorry about the recent trauma that brought you here. AS is a safe supportive place to heal filled with kind caring supportive individuals. Your not alone here. Take your time and share whatever you want at a pace that's good for you. 


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Hi Saz,

Welcome to AS. I am very sorry for what happened to you last week. It is something no one should go thru. You have found a very supportive site tho, with understanding members. You are not alone. It takes courage to reach out. I wish many more healing steps for you.



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Hi Sarah, welcome to AS , sorry for what you have gone through. We are here for you. We have a forum for husband if he wants to look into when he find out.


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Woah, that's very recent! You made up your mind so fast! This should be a compliment, It took me five years to start questioning myself about what happened and one more year after my perp told me he knew it wasn't consensual to start accepting it and wonder if I should reach out. And I'm not the only one. It's not so easy, I'd start by being proud of you being able to reach for support as soon as you realized your close ones weren't providing enough of it. And I'm sorry they didn't.
Good point patriciag made: there's also a section for survivors' relatives and friends, and who is registered as secondary survivor has no access to some sections of the forum that are only for primary survivors, so that survivors can keep their privacy while receiving all the support they feel asking for. If you think that it could be of any use you're free to ask your husband  if he would like to register.

Also I really hope we could help you go through this and heal in the best way possible. Hugs if ok  :hug:

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Hello @Saz78, welcome to AS!

So sorry to hear of what has made you seek us out but am glad you did - this is a great place full of wonderful, supportive souls!

Take care,


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Hello @Saz78

Welcome to AS, but sorry you need to be here at all. It’s good to reach out for support and you will find understanding people here. I hope you are doing all right, it’s very recent and you may still be in shock. I hope your husband and others in your life will be understanding and supportive. What happened was not your fault.


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@Saz78 Welcome to AS, I'm sorry to here about your recent trauma, I joined about three weeks ago and everyone is very supportive, you will not be alone. I hope you are doing Okay given it is so recent, I hope you husband will be very understand when you decide to tell him. I wish you the best healing process and safe hugs if that's okay. 

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