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Older member, but I'm back :)

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I started on this website as Shortcake. A new, terrified member who struggled badly as so many of you do.

This community of survivors helped me immensely in my journey to healing from what I'd been through. I hope those of you who are brand new find the same here as well.

I stepped down as a site moderator near the end of 2016, and also away from the site for a majority of the last year and a half because I had begun struggling with issues not even related to what brought me here.

However, I have been working through it all with the support of my husband and mother (I was cut off from my therapist which attributed to making things worse for me mentally and emotionally) and I'm doing a lot better and feel excited to be back :)

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Welcome back! :)

I, too, am an oldie but reconnected with the site and wonderful people I have met here after some time away.

It was a much needed hiatus as a lot of changes were implemented in my life.  

So, we understand! 

Glad you're back and you are doing well!


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Welcome back! :wave:

I'm sorry you had other issues and needed time away. You have always been a great contributor to this site and I honestly think the Description of Consent thread is one of the most valuable pieces ever contributed to this site. I refer this thread to others often (and glance back from time to time as a reminder).

I'm glad you are back and wish you the very best while here. :) 


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