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I'm new. I spent a couple days reading through a lot of the forums. I'm trying to find a place I belong... I have learned a lot from the various forums and posts. A few years ago I joined a support group in my church that met weekly. That was extremely difficult. Partly because it was all so fresh and new. Since then I have come to realize that I have experienced much more for much longer than I thought/knew. I struggle all the time and many days are worse than others. Of late I've been drowning. I hope to find solace here. I read all the support given here and it gives me a feeling of gratitude. I'm not one for hugging or touching. Not even virtual ones, which I see here. So please don't offer... I will ask if I feel I need one. Thank you to you all in advance. I know you all feel some pain and suffering along side with me. I'm just glad I finally found a place where there are others like me (as unfortunate as it is), but it's nice to know I'm not alone and there are like minded/feeling people out there. I apologise for such a long introduction.

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Hi jslrenew,

Welcome to AS. I am very sorry for the trauma you have experienced, but you have found a very supportive site. We have many understanding and kind members. I'm sorry for your more recent struggles and finding out new things about your past. The mind can be a very confusing and protecting thing and many of us know this firsthand. I am glad you have already took time to look around the site. It is unfortunate so many of us experience bad things, but I do understand what you mean when you say it's nice not to be alone. I spent years alone and I can honestly say this site has changed that, and it can for you, as well. I wish you the very best on this healing journey.



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Welcome to AS.  I am sorry for what you have through. You will find support here and like you said sad that you are not alone in that feeling. I understand the feeling of no hugs. Sometimes people don't always read the welcome section. If you could put it on your profile page No hugs Please. People could see it and not give a hug. We want you to be comfortable here.


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Hi @jslrenew and welcome to AS.

Very glad you found the site and I hope we can be helpful. Your not the only one that doesn't do physical touch, even virtual hugs used to freak me out too. It seems like not one particular forum is a one size fits all so your free to post where ever you'd like on the site depending on what your writing I guess, I jump around from forum to forum and that's allowed for all of us. Feel free to share as little or as much as you like when you are comfortable to no rush at all. Its huge that you joined our site and even bigger that you made a first post, Congradulations on this accomplishment. Your not alone and I know you already know that but many of us struggle to believe it at times. Can't wait to see you around the forums.


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