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Can you delete posts and change usernames?

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On 1/23/2018 at 2:25 AM, syoung078 said:

Just curious if this can still be done and how? 

hey, while im not a mod , i can answer that . yes both can be done , but i believe only the mods can do it, their the purple named people ( kinda jealous they get a cool color ).

so yeah pm one of them and they should be able to help you with it :) .

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Hi @Kite83

Free2Fly is correct, only the section mod of the specific forum or board mod can delete a post and board mod only for user name change. My suggestion is to request it at the helpdesk, because everyone is on at different times, and the first available mod will be able to help you with these changes.

Another suggestion in regard to posts that you want to be deleted would to be to edit your original post by changing your topic heading and content only stating "Deleted." This way the posts will be removed in a sense, until a moderator can properly delete it, and the original content will not be viewed by others until they do.


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