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Hi I'm new to this forum

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Hello Hope, welcome to AS!  

What you put out there is entirely up to you - just as long as you are comfortable doing so.  As a courtesy to others, it is recommended to include within the title whether the information in your post may be triggering to others - other than that, there are really no guidelines other than to stay within your own boundaries.  Whatever you are comfortable with sharing.  If you would like to look around first, there are many different forums that you can browse topics in, that may be a good place to start exploring. 

This is a very supportive, loving site and there are always people here willing to listen, support you and offer advice if you need it. :) 

So, again, welcome, and I'll see you around!


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34 minutes ago, Hope1985 said:

Thankyou Capulet your response is much appreciated I'm nervous even though I'm typing on a screen so bare with me

No problem. :)  Take all the time you need!  We aren't going anywhere.  

We all have to start somewhere. :)


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6 hours ago, Hope1985 said:

Hello I'm hoping to get support on here I'm not sure what I can and can't put so Ive just been brief.


Welcome to AS!  I’m sorry for the trauma you’ve endured.  You’ve found a supportive site here.  Glad you found us, but not glad for the reasons you are here for.  Look around the forums say as much or as little as you like.  You’re not alone here.  Many people can relate in their own way.  Best wishes on your healing journey. 


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8 hours ago, Hope1985 said:

Hello I'm hoping to get support on here I'm not sure what I can and can't put so Ive just been brief.


Hi Hope,

Welcome again to AS. I just messaged you on your password request for the female forum, but would also like to greet you properly, as you have just introduced yourself. Your intro is quite alright, by the way. The welcome forum is a place for brief introduction, which is what you did. You would likely want to post in our private forums for anything more personal. :)  Do know you will find tons of support on this site. It takes courage to reach out, so give yourself much credit. I wish you the best as you travel down your healing path.



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