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First Time Here

Jen G

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It is my first time that I have reached out to anyone besides my counselor. I am a little nervous and am not sure if I am navigating this site correctly. I wont say too much about my story except that it started along time ago. I have spent most of my life in and out of hospitals until ten years ago when I met my husband. I thought that I could be happy and pretend that everything was fine with me when in fact I managed to hide it all. I let my guard down and I ended up putting myself in another "bad position" which has led me to become a recluse in my home. In the last year and a half the only time I can leave my house is when I am with my husband or to go to my counseling sessions. Its very difficult to be a prisoner in your own home but too afraid to leave so I thought that I would finally reach out. Thanks for listening. I hope I am using this correctly.

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Hi @Jen G and a very big welcome to AS!

There's no correct way to use a resource such as this site.  We are a gentle, supportive community and we are happy to have you join us!

I hope being here gives you some peace and furthermore, the courage to heal.  You are not alone in this journey!



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Thank you for the warm welcome. I have to admit that even talking on here is causing me some major anxiety but I need to find a way to move forward. I am not used to talking to another human being during the day except twice a week with my counselor and at night when my husband comes home from work. I have somehow managed to push everyone away and I have to admit it gets lonely but at least it feels safe so this is a huge step for me. Thank you again for your kindness.

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Hello @Jen G and welcome to AS. I am very sorry for the past trauma that brought you here. I wanted to let you know you've found a safe space that is a judgement free zone. Lots of welcoming people that are willing to listen and to support you in anyway they can. Its sounds very lonely to be a prisoner in your own home, I hope we can help change that for you. Your free to share as little as much as you would like. Pleas take your time as much as you need to get to know the boards and people here I know there is so much here to take in. With support and encouragement I know there is healing it just takes time (no two people take the same time so please don't feel down if you don't seem to be in the same place as anyone else). I am encouraged to see you've made such a courageous step towards freedom, this post is huge! Can't wait to see you around the boards.


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Hi Jen,

Welcome to AS. I am very sorry for the traumas you've endured. It was neither fair nor right. I am sorry you feel trapped within your own home. Do know that you will find tons of support and know that it does take great courage to reach out. I wish you the best on your journey of healing.




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@Jen G

Welcome to AS!  I am truly sorry for the trauma you’ve endured.  You’ve found a supportive place where many can relate.  Take your time say as much or as little as you like. I’m sorry that you feel like a prisoner in you own home.  Best wishes on your healing journey. 


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Hi @Jen G welcome to After Silence! I am so sorry for the impact trauma has been having on you. Can relate to feeling stuck in your own home and that the world is an unsafe place, I've been there. I am also saddened at how isolated you are. So glad, though, that you have decided to reach out here to a community of people who know what it's like. Hopefully you won't feel so alone anymore. By the way, you're doing great here. Every little step counts, and this definitely counts as a step toward healing. 

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Hi there.

Welcome to AS.

Very nice to meet you.

I pray you find what you need and make fab friends. 

I understand how you feel.

My name is ~FOUND~

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