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Hello out there I'm new here


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  Hello : first time doing this  and a little nervous about this...so here goes.......I  my assault was 30 years ago while I was in the navy I had repressed  it until about 1 yr ago talk about turning my life upside down I've reached out for counselling on aggressive behavioral issues  to no avail being fired on several jobs and excessive  drinking and fighting.i had my first trigger and got escorted to a trauma psychologist where I was diagnosed with severe PTSD,  I went through the 16 week session ordeal and felt like things were going good I've been out of therapy  for about 2 months and things are.starting to resurface again, feeling depressed, anxiety and overwhelmed.

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Hi Srmajah,

Welcome to AS. I am very sorry for the trauma you have you endured. Even after 30 years, I understand how things can hide in your own mind, only to come back decades later. It is actually not uncommon. It is ok to be nervous, but please know, you will not be judged here. Our members are understanding and kind and accept you as part of our community. We all have a different variety of struggles, but share a common thread. We are trying to heal from the wrong done to us. I do wish you the best as you walk down your healing path.



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Hi and welcome @Srmajah to AS. Sorry that you were assaulted 30 years ago. I am happy to hear you have reached out for help thats a great first step. Take your time to get used to everything on AS. I have found that no matter what youve been through someone here can relate to you everyone here has been through something or has watched a loved on go through the same things. I hope this site is as helpful for you as it has been for me.

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HI there. 
Welcome to AS. 
Very nice to meet you. 
I pray you find what you need and make fab friends. 
My name is ~FOUND~

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