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Hoping for Hope

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Hi to everyone,

I don't have a lot of support and was very happy to find this website. I was a victim of a physical and sexual assault (I'm sorry as I didn't see a specific abbreviation for those terms in the other post) almost a year ago.  I feel depressed and alone, and scared all of the time. I stay locked in my room nearly all day every day. I'm hoping there is something that can make me feel like I have a life ahead of me again. Looking forward to being here.


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Hi LoveMyCat,

Welcome to AS. I am very sorry that you have endured physical and sexual assault (SA is used frequently for sexual abuse, but abbreviations are your choice) a year ago, but you have found a very supportive site. You will meet many understanding and kind members. There is never a justifiable reason for anyone to ever hurt you like this. I understand how hard it is to face your experiences and to face life in general, it is not fun, nor deserved. It takes courage to reach out to others, so I do commend you on that. I wish you the best as you begin your journey of healing.



BTW...love your user name.

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:aswelcomesu: @LoveMyCat, I am sorry for what you been through. I understand the feelings of being alone, scared and depressed after such types of assault. I am hoping that soon you will be able to live your life outside your room again and you can heal. This is a safe site to be with lots of amazing folks who can relate. :supportu:

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Welcome to AS . sorry for the reason you are here . like everyone no one should have to deal with that trama

Like me you will have no problem finding support and any questions answered with tons of advise 

Welcome try not to be shy!!!

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Hi LoveMyCat! Welcome to AS! I'm sorry you haven't yet found all the support you need. I do think this site is a great place. I'm still fairly new here too. I find myself browsing threads and reading a lot. There are lots of people to turn here to. People will sit with you when needed so you're not alone when locked in your room. Don't be afraid to reach out here. I wish you well on your journey to heal. Safe hugs if ok :hug:

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Welcome to AS @LoveMyCat. Love the name. I'm sorry for the trauma you have had to endure. You have found a safe place here and I hope you can begin to heal and find your peace. .



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welcome to AS!  I'm sorry for the trauma you've endured from physical and sexual assault.  Wasn't your fault.  You will find those who can relate and is understanding. You aren't alone.  Best wishes on your healing journey. 

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Hello and welcome. I am also new member. This is a huge step to come forward and share your pain and it will impact your healing very much and will empower you a lot and give you comfort and relief

welcome and thanks for your courage and finding your voice,

much love

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