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Trouble Uploading Profile and Cover Pics

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When I click on the buttons to upload my pics, absolutely nothing happens :( Also, nothing happens when I drag and drop my pics. Is there some setting on my browser I need to change?? Please help.

Thank you,


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Loading a profile pic is done differently.  Let me see if I can find the post on it.   I have not figured out how to do a cover pic.  Gravatar is the way to upload a profile pic.  

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The upload option doesn't seem to be properly functioning.  I use Google Chrome, so I cannot speak for the efficacy of other browsers, but I have the same issue.  As @Hawkgirl said, you can upload an avatar to Gravatar or you can upload to Imgur and then use a link to it rather than the upload button.  The latter method is what I used.

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I was trying to do the same thing this evening.  I have a nice cover picture I wanted to use but I too, am having trouble doing the drag and drop.

Will do some research to see if maybe Gravatar is successful.


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....and it was not successful, I have no idea how to do this.

I have a picture that I would very much like to use as my 'cover' picture.  Is there someone I can send it to that can somehow upload it for me?


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7 hours ago, Capulet said:

Thanks bunches, MeBeMary, I just sent a message. :)  Very appreciated.  Thanks again for the prompt response.  I hope your evening is fantastic!


Thanks Cap. Glad I saw your questions and could help. :) 

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