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New Here :)

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Hello all, 

I am a survivor who has never been good at reaching out for support, but I find that I am at a place in my healing that I can't get past. I am hoping that sharing with others will help me feel less alone and help me continue to heal. 


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Hi, CatsNBikes, and welcome! :wave: It's hard to reach out, but it gets easier every time you do it. You will find a lot of support here. I hope we can help you get through what you're going through. You're not alone. :)

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Hi CnB.

Welcome to AS. I am very sorry for the trauma that you experienced and the struggles you face, but do know, AS is a very supportive site with many understanding and kind members. Reaching out is hard, and I acknowledge your courage for doing so. You are not alone, anymore, as we walk with you on this healing journey.



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Welcome to AS CnB! I am so sorry for the trauma you've experienced.  You will find that everyone here is friendly, supportive and there is no judgement at all. Your not alone here and many can relate.  Take your time to look around and best wishes on your healing journey.  



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You have cats and bikes in your life and you need help on top of that? Like there's anything better we could offer than that xD

Nobody's good at reaching out really until they practice for a while, it's a good step that you've started now, I know you'll get some good support here. And don't mind my being flippant, humour is just how I cope, I don't mean anything by it ^_^ Nice to meetcha.

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CnB welcome to AS! Sorry you have a reason to reach out for help and support. You have come to a great place for it though. 


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Welcome to AS and kudos to you for reaching out, it definitely isn't an easy thing to do but you'll find very supportive people on here and help when you want or need it :) You're not alone.

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You already started healing when you made the decision to reach out :) It'll be an ongoing thing from here. The journey tends to be messy, but you've got a few hundred regular members on your side to help you through it.

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Welcome! I have also just reached out for the first time today... it's hard, darnit! I hope that connecting with people who have been through similar experiences will help your healing along. 

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Welcome to AS you have found a very supportive site. We are here for you.:notalone:

Kris & :kitty::kitty::kitty::lindybear:

   Graham, Gracie, Domino and Sandie girl

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