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back after being away for long time

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hi all

i no know were to start i been away for a long time a lot has happened in my life think last time i was here was over 2yrs ago but not sure at all as my life has  taken a turn for the better in the las 2 months i was living in same town as my family who are abusive  still in some ways but i do love them too not everything was bad but well a lot more bad then good i not sure hat ohers believe but the end of may i got a letter saying that my lease was not going to be renewed at first i freaked  out as i not know what to do at all i only been at that appartment about a year and 10 months before that i was at my parents home  again after a firer  happened in my other apartment and a lot after that too but i was starting to come out  doing better  did not want to endup back in the hell hole that is my parents home so i prayed  and well my prayers were answered in that i foud a place but it was 1.5 hours away from everything i know and well i know no one there at all so i took the leap of faith was not easy at all i never lived alone in another town only time i was ever in a diffrent town was when i was married to my abusive  ex hubby  so  this was scary  but i need to do this for me too i could feel that too so on may 17th i moved away to new city went from seeing parents almost every day to hearing from them very very little i was able to get ahold of community mental health  in new city they got me in  soon too and helped me find a intrenal doctor too as i have a lot of health stuff going on too so need that too well God even made away for my boyfriend to come visit for 3 weeks too as i was having a hard time getting unpacked due to my health too also i can take the bus aound in the day time  on week days too so can get things i need too i have been getting upacked with the help of my boyfriend too and he will be going back to NM soon too i am in MI bu he trying to move here too just got to find a income based apartment too but a lot is  diffrent for me for first time in my life i am away from my abusers mostly yes my parents can visit but i not in the day to day drama and abuse now at all i thought it be a good time to come back here as i am able to heal more now that i not in my family city and i free so feel and just be me too so  hope it ok i am back too

love light and hope  stormie

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Hi stomie and welcome back. I am very happy that things are coming together for you. It is amazing how we can see things when we are away from our abusers. I am happy that you are ready to continue with your healing.


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Welcome back storms, were still the same very supportive group. I am glad to hear you are in a safer inviroment for healing! 


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Welcome back, stormie.

Always nice to be in company of other Michiganders here on the site. Sounds like the the past few months have been a very hectic, but healing time for you. It is very brave to leave what you know to move and to move on, so I am very happy for you.  You will find the site changed is some little ways, but it still has many understanding and supportive members. I wish you the very best.



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Welcome back stormie!

I'm glad you feel good about your move,  and it sounds really healthy to be away from the day to day drama of your abusers. I hope things work out for your boyfriend to move there too if you want him to. We are still here,  I'm sure it's a bit different but it's still a supportive place where you can share how things are going.

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thank you all yes it been a very hard time for me in some ways but in other ways  it been good for me too still get scared at times and the what ifs go throught my head at imes too or i will  go to the feeling of why or i should have  or i could have  also the guilt get too my mom uses that to get to me at times but mostly it  in my head a lot too but working on that too see new T again on the 7th too

thank you for all  the welcome backs too

love light and hope stormie

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Welcome back @stormie! I am glad things are better for you nowadays. I hear you about the guilt and self-doubt. Glad you are going to start with a new T, hope that goes very well for you. Nice to see you back here :) 

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thank you all nice to be back again too so much going on but hanging in there too

love light and hope lily

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