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Hey everybody. I wasn't sure who to ask (maybe I didn't see if there is an e-mail for this kind of stuff)
So, I am from Belgrade, Serbia. I was, and still kinda am LGBT+ activist. And for the past 4 years I was trying to convince almost every LGBT+, feminist organization that this kind of forum is necessary in our country. 
We have big problem with corrective rape, with sexual violence, domestic violence, violence against LGBT+ community. One of the biggest problems is that we have a lot of lesbian, bisexual and queer women who are survivors of sexual assault, but we don't have the numbers, because activists are running away from dealing with it. So 4 years ago, I did short and semi - successful research, and every LBQT woman pointed out that anonymous chat, or forum is much needed. That talking with other survivors is the number 1 thing they need. 
And yet, every time I try to do that, organizations block me. 
Their excuse is - safety. 
Will fascists try to get on the forum to harass survivors? 
What if survivors start victim blaming each other? 
What about security? 
Forums and online chat rooms aren't possible... etc 
Is there anybody here who has experience with administrating forums, making forums, and who can tell me:
if this forum, or any other forum that is a place for survivors to talk, had these kind of problems? 
What kind of problems did you have? 
How did you deal with them? 
Do you have advice when it comes to making and administrating forums like this? 
And if not, do you have like e-mail of  people, organizations who could give me some answers. 
Because, I started this conversation again, and I want to go on that meeting prepared. I want this to work out, I want to give them solutions for problems or excuses they have. Because I know this kind of thing can save peoples lives. It saved mine. It's needed. It's important. 
So thank you for reading this, and I will be SO grateful if I get any answer or reply. 

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HxKx, not sure if this site will help you

http://www.aftersilence.org/forum/index.php?/forum/91-survivor-connections/  there is a place for LGBT and Questioning Forum.

You also could ask the question at the help desk, I know there has been more talk about.

Hope this may help???


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Patriciag has given you some good resources for your specific questions to look into, I just wanted to add one thing.

Here at AS we welcome all survivors and do our best to keep it a safe and healthy environment for everyone. Our members tend to be respectful and our staff watchful. I find issues tend to be very minimum here on our site. I encourage you to look around the site and see what I am saying is true.

I do hope you find all the answers you are looking for. I wish you well on your endeavor, as no one should ever be excluded from a resource that can help them in their healing.

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@MeBeMary @patriciag Thank you both! I will look into it tonight and tomorrow. 
Also, I did notice that the environment is safe and healthy. I read a lot of threads and I don't think I saw any problems or read that someone is complaining. 

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