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So...it's Been Awhile, Hasn't It?

Guest AllisonY2K

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Guest AllisonY2K

Allie's back and stronger than ever.

..which is why she's back.

Hello everyone, I see lots of new faces and familiar faces as well. I'm back. I'm back because I want to give back for everything and everyone that being at After Silence many months ago gave me. Well, After Silence and my therapist. Ok, so now for my story for those of you who don't know me.

I'm a survivor. It took me 7 years to finally seek help, and the catalyst that caused me to have a breakdown and call someone for help was none other than the music of Tori Amos, herself. I called a 24-hour hotline and saw a victim advocate later that day. Actually I didn't sleep at all between when I called and when my meeting was because I didn't want to oversleep and miss it (I hadn't gone to bed by the time I called...what's another 4 hours).

To make a long story short, I took a very pro-active approach to my healing. I had once-a-week therapy, and I also had a book on PTSD that had a bunch of written exercises and I did every one that was pertinent. I wrote until my hand hurt and then I wrote more. So..I talked to my therapist, to survivors, to close friends. I read that book my therapist lent me, and I read online. I cried whenever I needed it.

6 months later my therapist told me that she felt we were finished with individual therapy and getting in my car and leaving her office for the last time was very....surreal. The entire drive home I thought "wow...I'm....done." It was such a strong feeling knowing that both she and I felt that individual therapy wasn't necessary any more.

Sooo....I originally left After Silence after I was completed with therapy. I think it was good of me to leave for some time. I feel good about coming back to After Silence because I am a much stronger person than I was before, and I want to give back and be a good example.

I tried to keep this as non-triggering as possible. My apologies if it was since it wasn't intentional.

(((hugs))) to all my survivor friends who remember me, and a *smile* and *wave* to all the members who don't remember me.

Take care, y'all. See you on the boards (and in chat eventually).



p.s. this smilie -- :blink: -- is my favorite. :P

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hey sweets,

i didnt know you before but welcome back n hopefully i'll get to know you this time round :)

lina x

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wow..........good to see you back hun! i wasn't here when you left but well, thank god for LJ's, huh?

and as ruthie said, its a two way thing, and we will always be here for you as well!

:) teazle

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