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My return to after silence

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Hello everyone. It's been three years since I've been here. It got too overwhelming so I had to give myself a break, what a long break😅. I have popped in a couple of times but, nah, still wasnt ready. I'm gonna try to give it another go, so if I disappear again you  know why.

I can't believe it's  had a facelift and all my previous conversations and followers list has disappeared. 

I'm really hoping to come across some oldies and am looking forward to meet new people. 

Ok then, breathe in and let's get moving, lol!!!

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Hi mariella,

Welcome back to AS. I don't think I met you before, I have been here since January 2015...so maybe we just missed each other. The site did go thru an upgrade about a year ago, and it was a little hard at first, but now everyone seems to have adapted.  I think you will find some older members around, but you will meet many pleasant new members as well.  I'm glad you remembered the site. Many members do take breaks, and sometimes it is better to do so. But we are always here. :)  I wish you well as you continue your healing journey. (Glad you found your content). 



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Finding content can be a little confusing at first, as it is a two step process, where only the first step might seem obvious. In reviewing your profile, I was able to find approximately 40 original topics posted by you. Try the below directions to see if this helps.

Step #1:  When you first go to your profile, did you click the button that says "See My Activity" in the upper right corner? This is a toggle between the main profile page and the activity you have been involved with.

Step #2:  After toggling to the activity page, there is a list of 15 types of activity at the left. If you do not click on "topics", you will see anything and everything that you have posted, commented on, or were active is some way with. The list is like a filter. Clicking "topics" will hide anything but the topics you originated on the site. From there you should be able to see anything that you are looking for.


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Hi there, glad you found your old content, hope it won't be too overwhelming this time around.:)

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Welcome back, Mariella. I have only been here about a year so we haven't met but i look forward to seeing you on here. It can get very overwhelming indeed so take it easy and remember to take care of you. 😊

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