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I just want to sleep!!

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I haven't slept in about 3 days and unfortunately this isn't new for me. I'm extremely lucky if I sleep 3 times a week even w/ these hard-core pills the DR. gives me. But its so beyond frustating!! He takes away pretty much everything else away in my life, can't I just have this one thing to myself? Please?? 

Maybe I'm more upset than usual cause it just happened again Friday and Saturday. But that's def not something I can tell any of my non-virtual friends lol. 

So hopefully writing some of it out here will give me a modicum of relief and can catch some sleep???:zzz::(:unsure::cry::ranting::sleepy:

Wish me luck!! Definitely gonna need it!

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Hi StuckInPlace,

Welcome to AS. I am so sorry for the trauma you have experienced and the struggles you no endure. It is not right for anyone to hurt you this way. Many of us can relate to sleeping disturbances. I personally think lack of sleep can intensify everything else we experience, so it is very important to get sleep. I'm glad that you have reached out to us. You are not alone in your journey. I wish you well in your path of healing.



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