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Maybe I have missed some of these answers somewhere, if I have, I am so sorry.

The site is not coming up as secured for me. Will that be changed in the near future?

I'm use to other forums having a post/bump policy on old posts. For example, if the post is from June 2016 and hasn't been active since, we don't post or bump it up. I'm also use to threads only so many pages to save server space and to make it easier to find current, active topics.

Do members get sweeped? I was just wondering since there are black boxes in the gallery. If a member leaves, does all of their posts leave with them? If I take a vacation for a month, will I still be a member?

There were other things, but I forgot :( I'll edit my post if I remember.

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Hi LFSS, I can't answer all your questions and you may want to post this to the help desk.

If you take some time off you are still a member.

Maybe someone can answer your other questions.

Sorry not much help.:(

Not sure if these post might answer some of your questions, will put a link to them


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