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Hi all


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Hi everyone,

I guess everyone finds taking the first step difficult. I've been attempting to push this to the back of my mind for over a decade now. 

 I'm hoping to find a bit of support on here and I am hoping to work out that this wasn't my fault and that I shouldn't be so ashamed of what I have been through.

I always try to stay light hearted on the outside so I envisaged my first post to be less dark. However, I think that the anonymity of this does help me to be more open.

I've probably already typed too much so I'd like to just say a quick hi to everyone and say that I'm looking forward to trying to be a supportive member of this site. 

All the best,


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Hi Liliana,

Welcome to AS. I am very sorry for the trauma you endured. Nobody has the right to hurt you this way and in no way is it your fault. I do understand these feelings tho, as most of us have or do feel this unwarranted guilt.  I do hope you will be able to eventually turn it back on your abuser.  You are right when you say this first step of reaching out to others is difficult. I wish you the best as you continue this journey forward and find your healing path.




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Welcome to AS, Lil. I am glad you found your way here. although i wish you hadn't had to go through something terrible. I am also finally facing something that happened over a decade ago, and it isn't easy but we can do this! 

I hope you find this community as kind and supportive as I have found it, and that it can be useful for your healing. This first step is scary, I know, but you will see, this is a safe place!  :notalone: :youcanheal:

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welcome @Liliana28. i am sorry for what has brought you here. i hope you find tremendous support here. i wish you much peace, love, and comfort on your journey to healing.:supportu:

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