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FAQ (frequently asked questions) for New Members

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I want to express my gratitude for PatriciaG for putting this FAQ post together for us.  Thank you so much PatriciaG! :clap:


Getting to know the Newbie Support Team (NST).

The NST staff members would like to introduce ourselves to you.  @ActivistAlly is our Team Leader.   @MeBeMary, @goldraindrops, @8888@missfrier@snmls, and @mini.finch are all here to welcome you and answer any questions about this site.

You can contact any of these NST staff members by hovering over the the button of their name above. If viewing the main page, you may see them at the bottom of the page of online members. All Newbie Support Team staff are also color coded red for easy identification.

Here are a few of the reminders that people forget or get confused about:

  • The Public Welcome forum is not a private area of After Silence. Anyone such as guests or public can read any posts in this area even though they are not a member. For that reason, we ask that the Welcome forum be used only to introduce yourself. We ask that you do not share any details of your experiences that brought you to After Silence in Public Welcome. If you find that your post has been moved, it is usually because it contains too much detail. If this happens, you will receive a Private Message (PM) explaining why. You have done nothing wrong but we’ve found a better Forum for it.
  • We have a forum called "Share Your Story", which requires 10 posts from you in any other forum in order to be able to access this forum.  A post consists of you making 10 comments or other original postings by you in any other boards. The reason for this is that this forum is our most private forum. We do request full, detailed stories wait until you are able to access this forum, as it is designated specifically for this purpose. ***Full, detailed stories posted outside the Share Your Story forum may be moved, by discretion of our board moderators. Your post will not be accessible unless you have reached the required 10 posts.***
  • We currently do NOT support a Chat Room. If the administrators revisit this possibility in the future, it will be announced in the News & Updates forum.



Some areas of After Silence such as blog posts, status updates, Public: Rules and Guidelines, Public: Welcome!, Public: Pretty Good Year, Public: Resources, Public: Feedback Dropbox are not private but are public.  Most of the areas say PUBLIC if they are but keep in mind that blog posts and status updates are also not private.

The link below further explains public vs private areas of After Silence.

Introducing other staff at AS and how to get help:

  • The sections of the board have Section Moderators who supervise/monitor the posts made in that section.  The NST Team does not monitor those Sections. Section Moderators are assigned to our main forums and their names can be found in a pinned introduction at the top of each of these forums. Their names are also color coded in orange, if looking at the bottom of the main page of online members. 
  • The overall site Moderators for After Silence are here to help you if you have issues involving your profile or registration, issues with other members, or general problems that other staff cannot address.  These Moderators are @Iheartcupcakes and @AKB. They are color coded in purple, if looking at the bottom of the main page of online members.
  • Should you need to contact the Moderators they can be reached through the help desk where you can post for assistance with technical or member problems. Please do NOT post here for personal support; utilize the forums for that purpose. Only you and board Moderators can see your posts and replies. You should receive a response within 24 hours of your post. Check back for replies! This is a direct link to the Help Desk: Help Desk--CLICK HERE 
  • The Administrators to our site are @Capulet and @Rose. The Admins are colored in bolded black. Our Admins are responsible for running the site behind the scenes, as well as making overall site decisions. They work hard to maintain a working site for all of us here at AfterSilence. 

Self-Identifying with AS Profile Gender Options

Due to a technical programming deficiency, we are unable to expand the gender option at this time and only the Male/Female options are available to members. We do care about all our members and have an alternative that may help relay your gender self-identity to the other members on this site.

Under your profile name and above your profile picture there is a place that one can place information. This is called a "Member Title."  As a member, you have this space available to you to for information about yourself, including your gender self-identity.

How you would do this is by going to your profile page. In the top right corner you have two buttons, "Edit Profile" and "Cover Photo".  Click on Edit Profile.  A box will come up and the very first line in your profile information is the Member Title. This is where you would place gender self-identity information. Click the save button in the bottom right corner. We apologize for any inconveniences this has caused, but believe this can be a suitable solution for this technical issue.

Below are some links that may help you on your journey of healing


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