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I Know I'm Not A Newbie But I Never Introduced Myself!

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Like I said, I'm not new, but I never actually introduced myself for some reason. I guess I was shy and wary. Well, I decided to be brave and do it. Hi, I'm Rainbow, I'm 25, live in the uk. I love '80s, indie and electronica music. I'm a craftsperson (I make jeweller, cards, stationery, purses, customised clothes etc) and I work in a museum (well, not much these days) and a craft shop. I'm colourful and silly and like to chat. At the end of July this year I confronted my parents about the way they brought me up with emotional and physical abuse, and I've also been dealing with lots of repressed memories of childhood sexual abuse (by another family member).

I guess I writing this because today I'm having a hard time as some of you know. I wrote a post which was hard for me and I still really want to delete it but I will do my best not too. I want to make the effort to share with you all a bit more, so I thought this would be a good start. Thank you all for your support, you are beautiful people.

lots of love and hugs from a shaky and vulnerable Rainbowstar xxx


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:hug: (((Rainbowstar))) :hug:

Welcome to AS honey, and congratulations for taking the brave step of a formal introduction, I know it is hard.

We sound like quite similar people actually, I'm a writer, but I also make my own cards, and am trying to set up a website for them before I start approaching shops and distributors. I'd love to chat about cardmaking some time :) Oh, and I'm in the UK too!

I'm sorry things are difficult for you at the moment, but I know from the little I've read that you are strong enough to get through. Confronting your parents alone is an enormous step.

We're here for you.

:hug: Ruthie

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Nice to meet ya rainbowstar

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Its lovely to meet you rainbow and I hope we can chat sometime soon!


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Welcome to AS, Rainbow! I've spoke to you so many times, I can tell you're just one of the greatest people. I'm sorry you need a place like this, but im glad you found it. Congratulations on being brave and taking that step to introduce yourself. Pat yourself on the back, you deserve it!

Remember - if you ever need to talk. I'm here. PM or IM me whenever you want. :hug: - Ashleigh

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Aw, you guys! I feel all warm 'n' fuzzy - you're all so lovely!

Hey, girl-mess, how you doing hun? Haven't spoken to you for a while. Thanks for the post - you're such a sweetie!

Thank you all so much! I actually feel liked!


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You are strong sweetie.

Nice to meet you,


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you are strong......your one of my many best friends here, and I think your an AMAZING person :hug:


I aint strong but thanks hun! Appreciated! :)

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