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...one small step for Sam...


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Hi all,

My name's Sam

I feel like I've been surviving in Silence now for far too long. I'm starting to feel like I need to break the silence before it breaks me.

I'm rather apprehensive and unsure how to actually go about doing this.

I hope that joining this online community will be a good first step.



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Hi Sam,

Welcome to AS. I am very sorry for the trauma you have experienced and the struggles you still face. I am happy tho, that you have found us and are ready for the support you so richly deserved. What happened to you was wrong and totally not fair to you. You are correct, reaching out here is a good first step, but I know it really wasn't a small step...it was a huge step. It is not easy to begin something new and face fears that you have know, this every member here at the site does understand. So, right here and right now, I am acknowledging your courage you have to reach out like this. Take your time and look around, and you will find it gets easier. I wish you the best as you start this journey of healing.




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Hi Sam,

The silence can be crushing. You have come to a wonderful place.  You don't have to keep the secret anymore.  There comes a point where the secret is toxic.  You have made an excellent first step.  We are here to help each other.  There is nothing you can say here where no one gets what you are saying.  Someone on here knows exactly what you are talking about.  Speak on your experience when you are ready.   There is no pressure here.  It is support and comforting.  It is both sad and comforting to know you are not alone.  You aren't alone here.  Keep looking up.  Sending safe hugs if ok. :hug:

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Welcome Sam. This first step you took is not small at all. After nearly 6 months on this forum I have come to realise that sharing with the other members, supporting them through their tough times and receiving support through mine, making friends and taking part in their stories and healing, all of that had been such a huge influence on my healing process. It has helped me share with my therapist, explain things to my boyfriend, open up to my best friend, reflect on my relationship with my parents, and even taking some pride in what I have overcome. It has helped me through some real lows. This place is exactly what I needed. :loveas:

I hope that you will also have such a positive experience here. I am sorry you have a reason to be here but glad that you found us. And now that you are here, I wish you the very best and hope that we can contribute to your healing as well, whether it be through reading your posts and responding or through posting our own which you can read, if you aren't ready to share. 

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