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Term correction for transgender vs transgendered

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Offering some info. 

Really glad there is a transgender forum. FYI The forums here use the term "transgendered" which is not correct, as transgender is a descriptive adjective (like most identity labels) not a verb. The correct usage is to say transgender or to use it with a noun such as transgender people or transgender community. 

There are people in the trans community that use the term transgendered or use it as a noun as is "I'm a transgender" and it's their right to use the language as it feels good to them, even if it's technically incorrect. However, as an organization this site ought to be sure to use the correct terms to demonstrate proper cultural competency. Often when trans people see "transgendered" it quickly communicates to us that the organization isn't up to speed on trans info and may not be as safe a space. So, though it's a small change it is very important. 

Thanks very much :)

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Hi Haymer, 

Can you share where you are seeing incorrect usage and how you would prefer it to read? 



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Its in the forum topic list was called transgendered but it should be transgender. I just looked at it and it's been corrected.

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